On 23rd January, Monday we started this blog opposing the barbaric treatment of Barnevernet, the Child Protection Services of Norway who forcibly took in custody of two minor children of an  Indian couple at Stavanger, Norway. Avigyan (about 4 years) and Aiswariya (about 1 year) were taken from their parents Anurup and Sagarika Bhattacharya by Barnevernet on 11th May, 2011 and placed in care of foster parents. The couple was blamed for not taking proper care of their children since they hand fed the kids or slept on the same bed with them. For almost eight months now the couple has gone through judiciary and administrative hell to get back their kids or even to get a glimpse of them since the same is forbidden by Norwegian law.

But they did not stop to fight with the barbaric law of the Barnevernet. Nor did India stop to support them in their fight.

Last Sunday, 22nd of January 2011, Foreign Affairs Minister of India, Mr. S. M. Krishna had approached his Oslo counterpart and discussed with him regarding the matter. The ministry had sought to settle the case and requested the Norwegian Govt. to return the kids to their parents and let them return to India. The Government of Norway has been amicably responsive and a ray of hope has formed in the case of the children’s return. The Norwegian Government may agree to the proposals offered by Mr. Krishna to settle the matter outside court. The proposals are – 1) The parents of the children will decide and name the foster parents at India to whom the kids will be handed over, 2) The Indian Govt. will have to ensure the medical well – being of the kids in future, and 3) The Government of India will have to decide on a child care organization in India who along with Barnevernet will monitor the well – being of the children.

Presently, the couple has seen their first sign of hope in getting their kids back. They cannot wait to get back the children and come back to India.

We, on behalf of all the citizens of India want to say Thank you to Mr. S. M. Krishna.